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Firkant tunnel, firkanttunnel, tunnel, noroq

bicycle tunnel

h.e. blumesvej.

As part of the project “Development of Area North of Molevej” tendered by Esbjerg Kommune, NOROQ has delivered and installed 2 prefabricated square tunnels.


One tunnel, located at H.E. Bluhmesvej is an underpass for bicycles and pedestrians. During the production of the tunnel, special attention had to be drawn to a particular light application that has been designed by the Danish artist, René Holm.

Anker 1

C  René Holm

Firkant tunnel, firkanttunnel, tunnel, noroq

key facts.

H.E. Blumesvej


System                     Square Tunnel          Square Tunnel

Total Length                42,8 m                      44,0 m

Clearance Height       3,0 m                         3,0 m

Clearance Width        4,0 m                         5,5 m

fauna passage


The tunnel, located at Fovrfeltbæk is designed as a fauna passage and is planned to relocate the river Fovrfeltbæk, which flows directly into the North Sea.


The tunnel has a 3 m long electric sliding floodgate that can be closed in case of flooding.

Firkant tunnel, firkanttunnel, tunnel, noroq

C  René Holm

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