As part of the project “Replacement of the bridge at Huulmølle, Hulmøllevej and replacement of the bridge over Binderup Å, Jordremodervej” tendered by Aalborg Kommune, NOROQ has delivered and installed 2 prefabricated tunnels.


UF af Binderup Å has been designed as a square tunnel inclusive 4 wing walls and Huulmølle has been designed as a box tunnel with 2 wingwalls.


Location: DK-9240 Nibe

 fauna passages



UF af indløb til Huulmølle

UF af Binderup Å

key facts.

System                     Square Tunnel          Square Tunnel

Total Length                 14,0 m                         7,0 m

Clearance Height        3,2 m                           1,4 m

Clearance Width         4,0 m                          3,5 m