C  René Holm

As part of the Project “Næstved Bypass North, eastern stretch” tendered by Vejdirektoratet, NOROQ has delivered and installed 4 structures.


The two structures named as 21203 and 21204 are underpasses for bicycles and pedestrians and have been designed as arch tunnels including wing walls.

 bicycle tunnels



key facts.



System                     Arch Tunnel            Arch Tunnel

Total Length                33,4 m                      40,0 m

Clearance Height       3,7 m                         3,7 m

Clearance Width        6,3 m                         6,3 m

C  René Holm

 fauna passages


The two structures named as 21205 and 21210 are fauna passages and have been designed as box tunnels including wing walls.

Location: DK-4700 Næstved

key facts.



System                      Box Tunnel             Box Tunnel

Total Length                49,3 m                      52,0 m

Clearance Height      2,0 m                         2,0 m

Clearance Width        4,5 m                         2,0 m