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Tender Management, Engineering, TIlbudsudvikling, Rådgivning
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gangway & harbour promenade esbjerg.

The purpose of the above-mentioned project, tendered by Esbjerg Municipality, is to create a connection between the city of Esbjerg and its harbour in form of a “gangway” as well as to establish an attractive promenade adjacent to the new “gangway”.


The so-called gangway will be realized with a long walkway and two bridges. One bridge, a swing bridge, connects the harbour with the promenade. The other bridge, which is to be made of wood, is an additional bridge that connects the end of the gangway with the adjoining promenade. This bridge leads over a street and provides a comfortable atmosphere with plants and pleasant lighting.


The whole gangway will be equipped the same way as the wooden bridge and provides viewing platforms and other street furniture such as benches and cosy resting areas. The end of the gangway that faces the harbour will be finished with stairs and an elevator.
All the different components to be established in this project will
be realized based on high architectural thought-out concepts that perfectly match to the surrounding area and will be executed in high quality.

key facts.

Client       International Contractor

Value        DKK 30.000.000

Services   Tender Management,
                      Engineering, Quantity

Scope       Bridge Works, Road
                      Works, Earth Works

Location.   Denmark

Year          2014/2015

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