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box tunnels.

NOROQ's box tunnels are particularly suitable for small paths and pedestrian tunnels, fauna passages for watercourse relocations and supply channels.


The advantage of the box tunnel is its water resistance.

The tunnels made of box tunnel elements are watertight directly after installation.


NOROQ's box tunnels are available in various sizes, depending on the static and geometrical

requirements for the structure.

arch tunnels.

NOROQ's arch tunnel represents an aesthetical and economic solution for a wide variety of structures such as underpasses of roads or highways for bicycle and pedestrian crossings as well as underpasses of streams or railways serving as animal crossings.


The arch tunnel is available in standard lengths, whereas other lengths can be produced as well on request.

square tunnels.

To build greater underpasses and bridge structures than those that can be made with box tunnels, NOROQ offers square tunnel systems of various sizes.


The square tunnel consists of top and bottom elements and are used for roads, streams and bigger underpasses. These tunnels can be offered in standard section lengths as well as they can be tailor-made for each project.

steel tunnels.

NOROQ's steel tunnel is a fast and economic solution both in terms of the design and the execution. By adjusting the cross section and due to a wide variety of radiuses and opening angles, it is possible to produce many different steel profiles for a broad scope.

Steel tunnels can be produced for fauna passages and relocations of water courses, path underpasses, pipes and cable trenches etc.

L- and T-elements.

With NOROQ's L- and T-elements achieves great opportunities for storage of all kinds of material. Our L- and T-elements are available in different heights and with different lengths, just after the required needs, as well as with horizontal base plates. Both L-elements and T-elements may be used as one- and two-sided loadable elements.

Both element types are characterized by having vertical sides and that each can stand alone, or that the elements can be used for slope protection.

The required stability of both L- and T-elements is achieved through their own weight and a mutually assembling of flat iron on the back side.

NOROQ’s T-elements has the additional advantage that they do not require a special foundation to ensure their steadiness.

concrete pipes and

drainage channels.

NOROQ manufactures a complete line of high-quality reinforced concrete pipes of different sizes for various storm water applications. Pipes can be delivered in standard diameters varying from Ø300 mm to Ø3000 mm.

Furthermore, NOROQ offers drainage channels Type Ø200/300 mm as 4 m standard length element or tailor-made.

The drainage channels can be delivered in class F and can tolerate loads up to 90 tons. The elements are CE-marked and are produced in acc. with DS/EN 1433.

If desired, NOROQ delivers the associated sand trap or rinse element (with or without grid)

manholes &


NOROQ provides standard and specially-designed manholes, inlet and outlet structures to meet the needs of several storm water and sanitary sewer applications.


NOROQ's manholes are available in each size in both the standard and wide wall range.

fauna passages.

As mentioned above, NOROQ also provides the production and installation of concrete fauna passages.

The tunnels are calculated to comply with both the  technical as well as the ecological requirements for amphibian passages.

The elements are available in different sizes in a rectangular profile, since this has been proofed to be the most appropriate type for all the different amphibians' needs.

platform systems.

NOROQ also manufactures and offers platform systems "Platform 55" and "Platform 92" in accordance with Banedanmark's principle for platform fronts.

NOROQ's platform systems do not only include horizontal concrete plates with or without plaid pattern as well as vertical concrete plates , but also foundations, steel columns and various concrete elements.

NOROQ is your partner for complete solutions!

special elements.

Besides the above-mentioned concrete and steel products, NOROQ also offers and delivers special elements made of concrete.

NOROQ's special elements include everything that the client and contractor want to have tailor-made for projects. This includes concrete skirts for noise barriers, concrete columns for footbridges, edge beam elements and foundations.

NOROQ is your partner if you are looking for customized special elements for your project!

The experienced, dedicated and highly-qualified team of NOROQ offers structured planning, well-coordinated execution and control of projects from the beginning to the completion and guarantees that client’s objectives are communicated and well-understood and specifically tailored to their individual requests.

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