NOROQ’s team has many years of experience within the management and coordination of on-site activities and guarantees that all agreed specifications, budgets, time-scales and other requirements will be observed throughout the whole construction period.


The team is there to contribute to a smooth project performance and completes tasks in the field of quality control checks, health and safety, logistics, environmental concerns, and considerations about the impact on nearby neighbours and the general public.


NOROQ’s on-site management typically starts with the commissioning of the project on site and ends usually with the hand-over of the completed project to the client.

The goal is to keep short communication lines and a well-functioning collaboration between all parties involved.


The services offered by NOROQ include amongst others:


- Coordinate between all involved parties

- Supervise contracted personnel as well as subcontractors

- Health, Safety & Environmental  Management

- Preparation of safety inspections

- Maintaining quality control



Weather conditions, working with hazardous materials, time pressure, limited work areas and the unfamiliarity with working procedures all increase the risk of injuries to members working on-site.


The team of NOROQ is well aware of the fact that health and safety is one of the most important aspects when operating on site and therefore actively contributes to prevent possible accidents. This ranges from issuing notices of the construction site, to drawing up a health and safety plan, right up to determine site regulations and work safety measures for all employees, incl. subcontractors and suppliers on site.



Sustainability is one of the key concerns for NOROQ. That is why NOROQ is well aware of sustainable practices when determining suitable materials for the project.

Furthermore, NOROQ ensures that their sustainable systems work effectively and that workers on site operate in the most environmentally friendly ways.