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The construction industry faces new challenges in the form of tendering types such as PPP or Design &  Build projects, which shift tasks from the public to the private sector: planning, risk assessment, inclusive price calculation, operations and maintenance services, as well as the creation of efficient documents are not only cost-intensive and time-consuming but also hard to integrate into daily business routines.


Design coordination guarantees the communication of the individual stakeholders and ensures via interface management a seamless, cost-optimal and tender-conform design process, that ends with the timely creation of the directories of services for the calculation phase and the completion of the entire tender phase.


In addition to a well-thought-out document structure, the validation and visual presentation of the documents are crucial for a professional and successful tender as well.



Project and Competition Evaluation

Tender Strategy and Project Management Plan

Tender Management (technical, financial and legal)

Design Coordination

Creation of Submission Documents

Tender Marketing 



NOROQ offers full-service capabilities from the initial site investigation, to the tender design, the execution design, the cost estimation and finally to the commissioning. Our well thought-out engineering services include amongst others:


Preparation of detailed site plans/drawings

Technical as well as design-conceptual support

Quantity survey

Cost calculation and control



NOROQ is able to offer clients the knowledge and stability of a company that has developed considerable confidence among the communities in which they operate. The great wealth of resources and technical expertise addresses NOROQ’s strategy of working that results in high quality and the commitment of the customers’ individual needs within each project.


The team of NOROQ has a strong understanding of infrastructure life cycles and is among others skilled in critical and analytical thinking, time- and cost management and has the ability to collaborate with planners, architects, consultants, program managers and construction managers to deliver high-performance infrastructure services.




Do you need help to develop and structure your company?
Or does your business need assistance in preparing offers?

NOROQ could be your partner!

NOROQ is an consultancy company, which is based
on the contractor's needs.

NOROQ will help to develop and optimize solutions and can
help your business having more success, with e.g.
a specific project, an optimization of your company policy within selected
areas, restructuring or developing management tools and plans.

Due to its great experience, the team of NOROQ is used to put itself in the
position of the contractors and knows the issues and challenges they face everyday.

The team consists of specialists, designers and 3D experts, whereas all of them
either have an engineering or constructional background.

We are confident that we can give your company a boost, which guarantees
that your company sets itself apart from the others.

We offer:
Preparation of Company Descriptions
Preparation of Business Organization and Structure
Preparation of Environmental Policy
Preparation of Quality Approaches
Preparation of Construction Logistics
Preparation of a Health and Safety Policy
Reference Catalogs
Upgrading / Creating a Company Website