Within this segment, NOROQ provides the production and installation of various prefabricated concrete and steel tunnels as well as pipes.


Based on their local and international experience, NOROQ is able to offer tailor-made solutions together with integrated engineering and simple logistics in order to satisfy all demands of their clients and to get the best output.


NOROQ's services include amongst others the delivery and installation of a wide variety of pipes, tunnels and special elements as well as in-situ cast components.


NOROQ guarantees to find smarter solutions to make your life more simple.



Over many years, the open-minded team of NOROQ has gained a great deal of international experience within the development and administration of tender management and uses its unique abilities and resources to help costumers prepare solutions for a tender that are smarter and more cost efficient than their competitors.

Let NOROQ professionally assist you to prepare your outstanding tender.

NOROQ provides also comprehensive services such as designing, planning, surveying as well as cost calculation that helps to create a successfull project proposal, which best meets the individual demands of its costumers.

Within the segment consultancy, NOROQ assists you to develop and structure the contents of your company in a way to ensure an optimal presentation to the clients.




NOROQ has understood that on-site management is all about the organisation and coordination of people, equipment and materials in order to perform any project in a sufficient, environmentally sensitive, safe and sustainable way.


Every solution we offer is rooted in what is best for our clients.